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About Me

I treat my Kitchen as my laboratory. I experiment, measure, mix food ingredients. The secret condiments are my memories as they add a unique flavor to my creations. Storytelling is integral to all the creations from the Magic Ingredient Kitchen. I am a self-taught food photographer, and have over the years, created my own food styling, which complements my creations. 

I am Fahmim Arif, based in Dubai, and my kitchen adventures are the stories that you can follow in this blog. 

Food Styling
Story Telling is about capturing the essence and accentuating each ingredient. My Food Styling is driven by beautiful food imagery and careful selection of cutlery and accessories. 

Food Photography
For the last three years, the journey from an amateur to professional photography has been an arduous task yet enriching experience. I constantly reinvent myself, learn the techniques of getting the best out of the photography equipment I work with.

Creative Cooking
Globalization of economy and ideas has transformed a regular kitchen. Today, we are fearless when it comes to trying out a new recipe or a new ingredient outside the comfort zone of our simple palette. 

Let me take you on this exciting trip where we will break imaginary barriers of culture and conformity in the Kitchen.

Enter Creative Cooking with

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