Frittata tart with stuffed blooms

The edible male flowers are an absolute delight. Toss them into a salad or batter-fry them. They turn out just delicious. This year I decided to create something unique. I stuffed them with cheese, herbs, and spices and baked them with eggs. Stuffed squash blooms frittata tart was one of a kind.

Green chili pickle

Indian pickles are a popular and integral part of Indian cuisine and are made using a variety of vegetables, fruits, and spices. The pickling process involves preserving fresh or cooked ingredients in vinegar, salt, oil, and various spices and herbs. Some common techniques used in pickle making are drying the fruit/vegetable slices, fermenting, mixing with roasted spices, etc. 

Thyme roasted sweet potato in yogurt sauce

When we decided to eat fewer carbs just for a week, I had to get creative. I rely on veggies and lean meat. Since the sweet potatoes are always a hit, I decided to pair them with whipped garlic yogurt sauce. Magic happens when they get roasted with a few herbs and spices. It is a perfect side dish, but we had it for lunch. Thyme roasted sweet potato is a delicious meal in itself and I am making some again.

Photo of Paneer Bhurji or Scrambled cottage cheese

Paneer bhurji/scrambled cottage cheese

Winter is all about food that makes you feel cozy and nostalgic. Paneer bhurji with chapattis or Indian bread is one such dish. Fresh homegrown tomatoes and peas with cottage cheese can lead to quite a few possibilities. However, scrambled cottage cheese or paneer bhurji makes its way to the favorite spot