Dahi vadas

What do you do with leftover vadas? I turned them into my favorite “Dahi vadas.” With festivities in full swing back home, people look for easy vegetarian recipes in some parts of India. Vadas are a massive hit in my family. I love serving them for breakfast with chutney, with tea, and at times in lunchboxes. 

Palak paneer or Cottage cheese in spinach gravy

Palak or spinach gravy with paneer is a popular Indian dish. It is vegetarian and loved by all in the subcontinent. There are numerous versions of this dish with cottage cheese, chicken, and even potatoes or chickpeas. However, growing up on the cottage cheese version, I am kind of partial to it.

Chicken Haleem

Haleem is a rich lentil-based stew that has shredded meat and tastes unique. It is popular in parts of India, other Southeast Asian countries, and the Middle east. I tried it for the first time in the Uae. There was a Pakistani restaurant close to where we lived. Those days I was culinarily challenged, and my cooking skills were below average.

Photo of Paneer Bhurji or Scrambled cottage cheese

Paneer bhurji/scrambled cottage cheese

Winter is all about food that makes you feel cozy and nostalgic. Paneer bhurji with chapattis or Indian bread is one such dish. Fresh homegrown tomatoes and peas with cottage cheese can lead to quite a few possibilities. However, scrambled cottage cheese or paneer bhurji makes its way to the favorite spot