Mango milkshake

When tall glasses of refreshing milkshakes on billboards or menu cards attract your attention, it’s time to treat yourself to one. With mango season running in full swing, it is an easy choice. The usual excuse is that it’s for the kids, but adults get to enjoy them too. And why not? This mango milkshake is delightful and refreshing.

Blueberry masala limeade

I look for a bit of variety in my summer coolers. Blueberry masala limeade with home grown mint is my answer and has a perfect twist. I can sip on these the whole day. I got inspired by Indian street vendors selling masala “nimbu pani”. What takes me 10-15 minutes, our roadside vendors do it in a minute. And it’s refreshing.

Summer drinks with Mango

Well, anything that has mango is welcome. Desserts, drinks, frozen treats, pickles, etc., the list is endless. The fact that mangoes can combine with other exciting ingredients to create something new makes them the ‘King’ of fruits. It is a staple fruit right now in my fruit basket. 

Watermelon margarita

never met a soul who dislikes watermelon. We love snacking on it as a fruit or in a salad. The juice gets loads of makeovers with fruits, soda, or juice of different fruits. It is compatible with different fruit juices, especially citrus, and works beautifully. I love using the clear juice in mocktails. Watermelon margarita and cosmopolitan are a few of my favorites.

Mango ginger limeade

tarted with something else in mind and ended up creating a perfect summer drink with a zing. Mango ginger limeade is sweet, fizzy, and has a kick from the ginger. I wanted to prepare iced tea with some leftover mango puree but instead prepared limeade.

Grapefruit honey lemonade

ummertime calls for loads of refreshing glasses of lemonade. Especially during the summer vacation after a short trip to the pool, requests for lemonade are difficult to ignore. Grapefruit honey lemonade is one of my favorite ways of enjoying lemonade.

Turmeric dalgona

With the temperature hitting 40 degrees, I crave chilled drinks on weekends. I usually go for a glass of iced coffee or tea. However, last year the whole world got introduced to “Dalgona.” The classic Dalgona is off-limits for the kiddo, and he tends to feel left out. This time I had to think of something that he usually ignores but would happily drink with a chunk of ice and a fancy straw.