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Hi Everyone! Thanks a lot for dropping by. Please go through the following information if you wish you to get in touch with me

Recipe questions and recipe feedback: Please leave a public comment on the recipe page.I will respond to it and provide the recipe insights; that way, it will benefit other readers too. If you have any specific queries or concern on the recipe, fill out the contact form below, and I will try to address it. 

Generic queries: I try really hard to respond to every reader’s email. It might take me a few days to get back to you. You can reach me at; the fastest way to get a response from me however if you send me a message on Instagram

Sharing my recipe or photographs: The content in this blog is copyrighted to me. I take a lot of care and attention to get my recipe right.

Sharing my photo for promotion:  You must request permission beforehand. I do not allow my photos to be used as clip art/stock images unless we’ve negotiated compensation and licensing.

Sponsorship Enquiries: Over the last two years, I have partnered with some of the leading brands associated with the food industry in the UAE. I am very thankful for the association. For interested brand & PR managers, I am open for custom recipe development, food styling & photography & video storytelling.

Product reviews, free products and giveaways: I do not offer a traditional product or restaurant reviews. I only provide product reviews if there is a strong storytelling element to it with a negotiated compensation. I believe in original content creation and looking forward to brands who are looking to position their products with healthy cooking and recipe development

Teaching School Children on Agriculture and Healthy Cooking: I have a doctorate in Agriculture, and I strongly believe in motivating children to develop lifelong healthy eating habits. One way of doing that is by incorporating gardening into the school environment, thus reinforcing nutrition lessons. Children who plant and harvest their vegetables are more willing to taste and even like them. I am open to partner with Schools in the UAE and design & execute a curriculum training students on Agriculture and Healthy cooking.

Fill the form below and submit to hear back from me in regards to any of the information shared above:

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