Photo of Cauliflower pasta sauce

Cauliflower pasta sauce

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As Dubai warms up with exciting events this winter, I cleared my fridge during the weekend to create a healthy version of the white pasta.

A hectic week came to an end with a relaxed weekend. There are so many events happening in Dubai that it is a difficult choice to choose. However, we were pretty much clear about Dubai Design Week as it was getting over on Saturday. We visited it last year and had a wonderful time. We went early in the morning on Friday. I am glad we choose that time as the number of visitors was relatively less. 

Dubai Design Week showcases the region’s best of art and culture. The beautiful art installations serve as spots for the perfect profile photo while it can keep children engaged due to its interactive features. 

The first thing that strikes you about this event is the choice of location. With the magnificent Burj Khalifa standing tall behind Dubai Design District (D3),  it breathes life to all the installation placed outdoor. Oli Oli organized an exciting arena for kids and adults where you could try your hands on pottery, paint a stone, or try to create a wireframe with sticks and bands. 

I really wanted to get my hands dirty with pottery, but kiddo got really hungry by then, and we had to exit in a hurry. 

Well, Friday is also our fridge clearing day, so cooked up the leftover cauliflower, some cheese, and bits of turkey to make a simple pasta for everyone. Even though I like white sauce, I prefer this healthy version, which tastes equally good and light. I hope you all had a relaxing weekend too. 

Recipe of Cauliflower pasta sauce

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Makes : 2-3
Cooking time: 15 minutes


  • Cauliflower (small) 1
  • Garlic 5-6
  • Gouda cheese 100 gms
  • Chicken stock 1/2 block
  • Onion 1
  • Parmesan cheese (grated) 5-6tbsp
  • salt and pepper
  • roast turkey cold cuts 2-3 slices(optional)


  1. Steam the cauliflower florets for five minutes or till they are cooked through. Blend them into a puree with a little water(if necessary)
  2. Heat olive oil in a pan, add garlic and diced onion.
  3. Once fragrant add the cauliflower puree and keep stirring. Let it cool and puree once more.
  4. Return it to the pan and add the broken chicken stock (cube). Let it dissolve completely while stirring.
  5. Add the cheese and mix. If you intend to save the sauce for later use, add cheese along with cooked pasta. Mix well and serve with Parmesan shaved or sprinkled on top and lightly fried turkey bits.
  6. I also added some chili flakes for a little kick, but it’s optional.

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