photo of Pumpkin and coconut panna cotta

Pumpkin and coconut panna cotta

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Five ingredients dessert that looks pretty and tastes delicate. Pumpkin and coconut panna cotta with a hint of Cinnamon is my current favorite.

Two overcast days and scattered rain are all I have to describe the past week. We got a day off as the schools declared a holiday. Our day started with a trip to the park as I knew it wouldn’t be possible to take kiddo out later during the day. Back home after a bath, K wanted to draw and color. I had a little time to prepare something quick. When I saw a jar of homemade pumpkin puree sitting in the fridge, I knew I wanted something different this time. I usually make this puree ahead and use it as a base in sauce and curries. A little more staring into the fridge and the coconut cream caught my attention. Pumpkin and coconut panna cotta with Cinnamon. 

A quick trip to how it ended: the only complaint I heard from my family was that the quantity was less, as they wanted more.

It was one quick dessert, and you can use canned pumpkin puree to make it easier. But do adjust the sugar if you are using canned pumpkin puree. The texture of homemade pumpkin puree cooked in sugar is impressive, and we polished the bowl it was in. Pumpkin Cinnamon and coconut cream mixture tasted so good together that all my doubts vanished. Gelatine did the rest of the magic and my panna cotta was ready.

Topped with a little coconut cream and some red currants, you have a pretty dessert perfect for guests. 

Pumpkin and coconut panna cotta

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Makes : 2-3
Setting time: 2-3 hours


  • Pumpkin puree 100 gms
  • Sugar 60 gms
  • Coconut cream 400 gms (1 can)
  • Gelatine 7-8 gms
  • Red currants a few (optional)


  1. Heat the puree on a non-stick pan with sugar and cook till it looks translucent.
  2. Whisk the coconut cream and reserve some for garnish. Fold the puree into the cream and mix well till combined. Keep it light and airy.
  3. Warm a little coconut milk and add gelatine and mix well. It will look lumpy and a little weird, but don’t worry. Once it cools a bit, mix it with the puree mixture. Whisk till it is smooth. Pour into serving bowls. Let it set in the refrigerator for at least two to three hours.
  4. Top them with coconut cream, red currants, and a tiny basil leaf.

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