Tips for the perfect looking dessert

Cooking for a small group or many people can be equally hectic and tiresome. And in case you run out of time for an elaborate dessert, whip up something simple but make it look amazing with these tried and tested tips.  How to style or garnish your dessert to make them look like a million bucks.

Mango milkshake

When tall glasses of refreshing milkshakes on billboards or menu cards attract your attention, it’s time to treat yourself to one. With mango season running in full swing, it is an easy choice. The usual excuse is that it’s for the kids, but adults get to enjoy them too. And why not? This mango milkshake is delightful and refreshing.

Orange pannacotta

The creamy texture and mild sweetness of pannacotta make you return to it every time. Add the flavor of orange, and you have a winner. Orange pannacotta is your ultimate summer delight. Rich, creamy, yet surprisingly light and fresh.

Mango bhapa doi

Bhapa doi is steamed yogurt and is a delight. It is a specialty from the land of amazing food West Bengal where I lived a good amount of time for higher studies. Steaming is a common technique used in Indian cuisine to make sweet and savory dishes.


Nothing beats a pesto sauce made with homegrown basil. Pesto is one such sauce I can eat straight out of a jar. I make breakfast eggs, bake chicken and fish, potatoes, sandwiches, and salad dressing using this humble pesto sauce. This year we had a good crop of basil, and I decided to share the recipe with a picture of the last batch of pesto.

Lemon sumac baked chicken

Chicken paired with citrus fruits is a classic and delicious combination popular in many cuisines worldwide. Citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and orange add a bright and zesty flavor to the chicken, making it a perfect choice for a light and refreshing meal. Here is an easy-baked chicken recipe loaded with freshness and tastes phenomenal.

Frittata tart with stuffed blooms

The edible male flowers are an absolute delight. Toss them into a salad or batter-fry them. They turn out just delicious. This year I decided to create something unique. I stuffed them with cheese, herbs, and spices and baked them with eggs. Stuffed squash blooms frittata tart was one of a kind.

Sumac chicken fatteh

Sumac chicken fatteh

Chicken fatteh is my kind of savory trifle. It has layers of texture, taste, and colours. It is made with layers of toasted or fried pita bread, chickpeas, yogurt sauce, and other toppings such as meat, vegetables, and herbs. It is easy to make and is the perfect comfort food.

Beef stroganoff with mashed potato

Beef Stroganoff is a classic Russian dish made with sautéed pieces of beef in a creamy sour cream sauce, typically served over egg noodles. It looks rich and elegant, but it has simple flavors and is easy to cook. I love this dish and wanted to plate it beautifully to make it shine in its glory.

Green chili pickle

Indian pickles are a popular and integral part of Indian cuisine and are made using a variety of vegetables, fruits, and spices. The pickling process involves preserving fresh or cooked ingredients in vinegar, salt, oil, and various spices and herbs. Some common techniques used in pickle making are drying the fruit/vegetable slices, fermenting, mixing with roasted spices, etc.