Orange Baklava cheesecake

My healthy yet delicious take on baklava cheesecake. Orange baklava cheesecake is a delight; every bite reminds you of spring. I used orange blossom honey and zest to make this mildly citrusy cheesecake. The filo sheets act like a vessel holding the cheesecake filling, adding to the texture. The beauty of filo pastry is its ability to add layers. When baked to perfection, they get a gorgeous color.

Three-ingredient healthy PB cookies

When you need some cookies and need them real quick, three-ingredient PB cookies are the answer. I tried to make them healthy with coconut sugar, which is gluten-free. I and kiddo made them during a break while online school was happening. We had fun as it was so simple and easy to make. 

Spiced carrot cake

Do you look for healthy alternatives when baking treats for your family? Carrot cakes are a delight, so I had to make sure they had the right ingredients to make them a healthy treat. Cinnamon and ginger spiced carrot cake with yogurt frosting to take care of those cravings.

Ragi (Finger millet) Cookies

w about some healthy ragi cookies with the goodness of clarified butter (Desi ghee) and coconut sugar. I had to come up with these as I wanted my son to eat different kinds of flour. Ragi is millet and is rich in minerals. Roasted Ragi flour has a slight nuttiness, and we loved it.