The Cycle Bistro

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A Restaurant that lives up to its name. You can certainly expand on that, as it is housed along with a Cycle Hub and a developing community centered around fitness and healthcare.

The Cycle Bistro stands for creating out of the box exciting meals that are not just wholesome but delicious. Located right next to Jumeirah town center, and it also shares its space with The Cycle Hub, which is strategic.

My idea of healthy meals is always keeping a balance. This restaurant caters to vegan and paleo customers too. The menu has a wide variety from American to Asian cuisine with its unique twist on each dish, giving it a personalized touch. We decided to try something from each section of the menu.

Breakfast is all day. You could choose from waffles to avo-toast and a whole range of smoothies, mocktails, and hot brews too. My little one opted for waffles with chocolate swirls coconut water, and he was beyond happy.

I wanted something light to start, so what better than broth with lemongrass. The broth is prepared in-house, and you will instantly feel the difference. It was rich yet light and abundant in freshness and flavor. The signature Thai prawn curry with zoodles and crunchy pickled papaya salad is a must-try. We had spiced apple and pear with warm caramel sauce, which looks phenomenal and tastes even better. It’s warm with the taste of cinnamon but perfectly balanced in terms of spice and crunch. I tend to get worried about the texture, but I was so glad I tried it.

  • photo of waffles with chocolate swirls
  • photo of Thai prawn curry with zoodles and crunchy pickled papaya salad
  • photo of spiced apple and pear

The turmeric coconut milk latte was warm and makes you feel relaxed. Well, I definitely needed that dose of antioxidants.

If you are looking for a relaxed weekend morning or bunch, I suggest you visit The Cycle Bistro either at the Jumeirah branch or Dubai Sports city branch. You will love this beautiful space flooded with natural light, and my favorite part was the colorful tiles on the floor. Perfect for a feet selfie(if that is even a word).

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