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Sticky rice with mango sauce

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I have always loved sticky rice with yogurt or cream and jaggery. It’s a traditional breakfast in Assam we savor during special occasions. Pairing sticky rice with mango sauce makes it light and refreshing. 

I tried this combination for the first time in Singapore with a bunch of my blogger friends. It was delicious. The only twist I added was turned the mangoes into a sauce. I had some overripe mangoes, which I just cooked and pureed with a little turmeric. No sugar added. I used sticky rice from Assam, but you can choose any variety of sticky rice you like. 

It’s refreshing and a perfect dessert for summer. Honestly, we had it for breakfast, hence the portion size. You can reduce the portion size and serve in tiny glass bowls for dessert. 

Here is a simple recipe for sticky rice cooked with coconut cream/milk and served with mango sauce.

Recipe of Mango sauce with sticky rice

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 12-15 minutes
Serves : 4-5


  • Sticky rice 200 gms
  • Coconut cream 400 gms
  • Mango 2 medium
  • Honey 4tbsp
  • Turmeric ⅙ tsp
  • Sesame seeds 2 tsp
  • Edible flowers (optional) for garnish


  1. Soak the rice in water for 2-4 hours. Wash and drain.
  2. Cook the soaked rice with half the coconut cream, 2tbsp of honey, and a cup of water. It takes less than five minutes to cook through, but be careful not to let it stick to the pan’s bottom. Cook over medium heat and keep stirring occasionally. The time required to cook rice varies with the variety.
  3. In the meantime, cook the mangoes with a tbsp of honey (if needed) and turmeric. Once cooked and cooled, puree the mangoes into a sauce-like consistency.
  4. Whip the leftover coconut cream with honey and a little water.
  5. Serve the rice chilled with whipped coconut cream, mango sauce, and top with sesame seeds and edible flowers.

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