Photo of Paneer Bhurji or Scrambled cottage cheese

Paneer bhurji/scrambled cottage cheese

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Winter is all about food that makes you feel cozy and nostalgic. Paneer bhurji with chapattis or Indian bread is one such dish. Fresh homegrown tomatoes and peas with cottage cheese can lead to quite a few possibilities. However, scrambled cottage cheese or paneer bhurji makes its way to the favorite spot. 

The texture is phenomenal, and the trick is to retain the moisture or add a little if needed. Indian spices do the rest of the magic. Fresh soft cottage cheese works best. However, you can use frozen too. I tried with both, and the difference is minimal. It is a crowd puller. 

It is perfect for breakfast or brunch.  We usually pair it with some hot chapattis. I tried it on my toast with fresh baby spinach and labneh. It was delicious and quick too. I hope you try this classic Indian dish before the winter bids adieu. 

Photo of Paneer Bhurji or Scrambled cottage cheese
Photo of Paneer Bhurji or Scrambled cottage cheese

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 10-15 minutes
Serves: 3-4


  • Paneer 250 gms
  • Cherry tomatoes 100 gms
  • Onion 1 large
  • Garlic 3 cloves
  • Chili 2 (depending upon the amount of heat you prefer)
  • Cumin powder ½ tsp
  • Paprika ¼ tsp
  • Turmeric ¼ tsp
  • Dried chili 4
  • Mustard seeds and Cumin seeds ½ tsp
  • Fresh peas ½ cup
  • Coriander leaves ¼ cup.
  • Feta cheese 2 tbsp (optional)


  1. Grate and crumble the paneer. Heat some oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Then add in the chopped garlic and dried chilies.
  2. Let them sizzle and flavor the oil. Next, throw in the chopped onion and fry till they soften. Add chopped tomatoes along with the powdered spices.
  3. Once the tomatoes are soft enough, add the crumbled paneer. Give it a good mix, and add the parboiled peas and chopped chilies.
  4. Season the bhurji and let it cook for a couple of minutes on low flame covered. Turn off the heat and sprinkle fresh coriander leaves.
  5. Toast the bread, top it with baby spinach, scrambled cottage cheese and feta cheese.

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