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A beginner’s guide to Food styling workshop

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On the 28th of August, I conducted a food styling workshop at one of Dubai’s quirkiest and coolest locations: “Bhukkad cafe.” The workshop was titled “The beginner’s guide to food styling.” The idea was to help people who wish to click fantastic food pictures. 

Food styling workshop by Fahmim Arif , Magicingredient

Apart from sharing tricks and tips on food styling, I conducted a live demonstration of food styling from scratch, choosing the perfect backdrop to carefully selecting props. I was enthralled to find the participants so captivated throughout the workshop with some fascinating questions.  The workshop also included a food styling challenge. The challenge involved styling the food from “Bhukkad Cafe”. I bought with me some of my secret food styling props, and you can see below, the results were outstanding. 

The experience I acquired in the past few years from working in restaurants and with different F&B brands helped me gain many insights into food styling. I wanted to share it with my community: amateur food photographers, bloggers, and aspiring food stylists. Talented home chefs and bakers benefited from this workshop as they realized that they could elevate their food with a basic understanding of food styling. 

Apart from providing exposure to the restaurant, these workshops show the restaurants in an entirely new light. Restaurants and cafes can be more than just a place to come and eat good food. They can be places where people learn and showcase their talent. And honestly, when people are having a good time, there is added value to the food they are paying for. 

The food at “Bhukkard cafe is born out of nostalgia. Every dish I tried evoked the food I grew up eating and the countless memories associated with street food. Their menu and the way they present the food made my styling look effortless. 

Taking a cue from the response to the workshop, I believe it is an excellent beginning to more in the future. And with inquiries for my next workshop coming in, I will gear up for my next workshop soon. Cafes or restaurants with sufficient space and open mindset can get in touch. The workshops can be tailor-made, keeping in mind the audience or concept of the restaurant. 

If you are interested in joining or hosting my workshop, drop in a line at


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