photo of Rose water pancakes with figs

Rose water pancakes with figs

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Make these easy floral pancakes with figs and labneh for a lovely start to your day.

I had picked these beautiful figs, which are in season, the day before. They went perfectly with the pancakes with some whipped labneh and crushed pistachios on top.

It was a Saturday morning, the first weekend after the summer vacations. I honestly no idea how the week went past. It just whizzed past, and I am still kinda lost. However, breakfast has to be something special. It doesn’t matter how prepared I am for the week there are moments of madness, and at times it almost drives me crazy. I must say, the way the pancakes turned out, I am looking forward to any challenges coming forth next week.

The weekends are like breathers. I take this time to make something special for my family, usually. It might not be elaborate, just a twist here and there. Take, for example, these pancakes. They are like my regular pancakes with a beautiful twist. Rosewater adds that lovely floral aroma which is subtle but leaves you with a smile. The smell of rose water reminds me of our community gatherings back home. Rosewater is sprayed on everyone as they entered the hall. I do miss these gatherings and especially the food.
Hope you do make these simple pancakes with my twist and have a lovely weekend with family.

Rose water pancakes with figs

Photo of Rose water pancakes with figs
Recipe of Rosewater pancakes with figs

Preparation time: 15 mins
Serves 2-3
Cooking time: 20 minutes


Flour 180 gms
Sugar 40 gms
Eggs 2
Milk 200ml
Rosewater 30 ml
Oil 15 ml
Baking powder ½ tsp
Baking soda ¼ tsp
Labneh ½ cup
Pistachios crushed 2 tbsp
Figs 2-3


  1. Mix all the ingredients of the pancakes with a whisk or hand blender.
  2. Add a little butter or oil to a hot pan (just enough to coat it) and pour out a ladle of batter.
  3. Let the bubbles appear on the pancakes and flip.
  4. Whip the label with a little sugar or honey.
  5. Assemble the pancakes, top them with whipped labneh, pistachios and figs.

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