Tips to create a beautiful toast

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With #toasttuesday getting so much attention lately, I thought why not share my tricks on making a toast look pretty and taste amazing at the same time. There are feeds on Instagram, showing just gorgeous toasts, and I have a weakness for them. And if you share the same feelings, I guess you are in the right place.  

What is about a toast that gets your attention?

Photo of Goat Cheese Toast with Caramalized Peach
toast that gets your attention

First, it’s the shape/type of bread, next it’s the base, then toppings, and garnish. Let us go into a little more detail.

  1. Kind of bread and shape: Your regular loaf is a good option as you get a more or less square slice of bread. My favorite is a multigrain country bread from the Spinneys. The shape of the toasts works for me. I choose the size of bread depending upon how elaborate a toast I want, and the number of toppings will vary accordingly. Sliced bagels, puffed rice pressed caked, baked sweet potato, etc. serve as great options too.
  2. Base: by base I mean the labneh, hummus, avocado, peanut butter, etc. that we apply on the toast. The choice of your base depends on the toppings and vise versa. It is excellent if they are contrasting. Say, for example, bright red tomatoes over green avocado or white labneh, eggs over avocado, blueberries over white labneh, etc.
  3. Toppings: could be anything from cured meats, smoked fish, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. I usually prefer two toppings that stand out on top of the base. They help grab attention.
  4. Garnish: is the tiny details on a toast. Garnish refers to spices, herbs, leaves, chocolate chips, honey, etc. It offers a great recipe for creatively playing with these ingredients. They can help you tell a story or add a dash of color.

These tips will help you create your unique toasts keeping in mind the textures and colors. Stay tuned to know my tricks on styling toasts.

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