Tips on styling a Toast!!

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Do you love toasts and want others to fall in love with them too?
Are you looking for tips for styling your toasts and make them Instagrammable? 

Here’s how you can achieve it:

  1. Tell a story:
    Give the viewer a glimpse of the action. For example, a bowl of the base(hummus, labneh,etc.) with a used butter knife, a jar of honey with the dispenser, some garnish sprinkled around, etc. tells you correctly which ingredients were used and shows that you are in the process of creating the toast. 
  1. Action shots:

    More like caught/ captured at the right moment. Action shots of honey being drizzled, the spices sprinkled, the soft yolk oozing out of the egg, etc. makes the shot even more captivating. 
  2. Shine a light on the Star Ingredient:
    This is my favorite part, which often includes soft-centered egg, avoroses, flowers, etc. You don’t need to have professional knife skills to create a beautiful avorose. Sometimes, a sharp knife and a perfectly ripe avocado are all you need to get creative. How you slice your fruit and how you place them can make a lot of difference. For example, tomatoes sliced vertically or horizontally gives varied effects.

I hope my tips will help you to go beyond the tried and tested formulas on styling a toast. If my suggestions are helpful, do tag me and let me know.

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