Rose phirni/Semolina pudding

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Eid celebration is incomplete without some dessert. I kept it simple this time with Rose phirni. It is semolina pudding with rose flavor. It has a lovely shade of pink and looks elegant on your lunch table. 

The usual flavors going into a phirni are cardamom and saffron. But I wanted to experiment with floral flavors. There are a lot of childhood memories attached to this dessert. Mum made it whenever there was a gathering at home during festivals and even for auspicious occasions. 

It is a healthy pudding, and I can have it for breakfast too.

The texture is creamy and slightly on the runny side, but I leave it overnight to set slightly. The top layer of cream then sets perfectly. Crushed pistachios and dried rose petals bring the whole dish together. 

I hope you do give it a try as it will remind you of spring. 

Photo of Rose phirni

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes
Serves: 4-5


  • Semolina 60 gms
  • Sugar 30 gms
  • Milk 500 ml
  • Cream 100 + 50 ml
  • Gulab Jal 1 tsp
  • Rooh Afza (Rose syrup) 1 Tbsp
  • Dried rose petals and crushed pistachios for garnish.


  1. Pan roast the semolina on low heat until the color changes to a lighter shade of brown and releases a nutty aroma. Keep it aside.
  2. Heat milk and sugar in a deep bottom pan and keep stirring intermittently. Once the milk starts to thicken, add the semolina and mix.
  3. Use a whisk to mix evenly without forming any lump. Turn off the heat and stir in the cream.
  4. The phirni must be of slightly runny consistency. Pour it into serving glasses and let it chill for an hour at least.
  5. Whip the remaining cream and spoon on top of the phirni. Garnish with dried rose petals and crushed pistachios. Serve chilled


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