Photo of Butterfly pea blue tea

Butterfly pea blue tea

There is a large portion of the population that prefers tea. And in recent years floral tea has caught the attention of a tea connoisseur. Butterfly pea flower tea is one such fancy tea that is hugely popular for its color – blue.

Beetroot/Pink Hummus

My food is my canvas, and I love adding my tweaks to it. Sometimes it leaves me surprised and at times disappointed. One of my favorite dip that I love to experiment with is Hummus. Every time I would add something new to alter the taste, keeping the essence of hummus as such.

Photo of Hibiscus Green Tea Granita

Hibiscus and green tea granita

There are so many ways of including tea into our diet, and actually, drinking is just one of them. Tea is used in desserts, mocktails to cook proteins or just smoke them, the list is endless. I used dried hibiscus blooms and green tea to create a granita. The tea used is organic Assam green tea.