photo of Apricot, Pear & Dates Chutney

Accidental Greatness

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This chutney is an accidental discovery. I had a couple of ingredients which I wanted to finish. Since the quantity of the ingredients was less, I decided to throw them together and create something new. The pear was the last moment addition as I found it in the refrigerator. But it added a lovely texture. I added the ginger for some zing and chilli flakes for the hot and sweet effect.

I made this chutney to go along with some veggie fritters I made for our evening snack but the chutney stole the show. As we kept coming back for the chutney even when the fritters got over. We realized this was a perfect case of an Accidental Greatness.

The best part is that it’s so easy to make and you can store it in a clean airtight jar for a week in the refrigerator. Hope you give it a try and spice up your evening snacks.


Apricot and Dates Chutney

Photo of Apricot, Pear and Dates Chutney
Recipe of  Apricot, Pear & Dates Chutney

Course: chutney
Cuisine: Indian
Preparation Time: 20 Mins
Cooking time: 15 Mins
Yield: serves NA

Apricot (dried) 18 (180gms)
Dates 15
Ginger 1 Inch (or julienned 1 tbsp)
Pear 1
Sugar 50 gms


  1. Chop the apricots, dates, and pear and place them along with sugar, ginger and chili flakes in a heavy bottom pan
  2. Add a little water and keep cooking over medium heat
  3. If the ingredients stick to the sides, add a tbsp or two of water. Keep the liquid as less as possible without burning the ingredients
  4. Once apricots and pear is cooked through and break easily with little pressure with a wooden spoon, turn off the heat
  5. Place all the ingredients in a blender with a little water (if needed) and blend to fine paste.


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