photo of Green Asparagus Soup

Tips for styling soups

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Winter is still very much here, which means more soup. That is an excellent reason to learn a few more tricks to create that beautiful image with your soup which you imagined. If you have read my previous blog on soup styling, you will have a basic idea of what crucial points to keep in mind while preparing the soup.

Here are a few more tips:

  1. We already discussed puree based soups, but for soups with many textures and colors like minestrone soup, the image might appear busy. Draw the attention of the viewer with a dollop of cream. You may pile up the solids and build the soup from the bottom of the bowl, and gently pour the liquid. Finish it off with some herbs. This helps the eye find a sweet spot to rest, i.e., you have the viewer’s attention.
  2. Soup bowls are like mirrors, and you might find a lot of reflection. Try the 45-degree angle or go a little steep to avoid the glare. The shine prevents you from capturing the details of the texture of the soup. 
  1. Choice of the bowl. I usually prefer shallow and wide bowls. They come in handy for ramen and broth soups with a lot of ingredients. A basic set of bowls in white or neutral colors will help you get started. However, I have been a little experimental and served soup in mugs as well. Since odd looks better in a frame, make sure you at least have three bowls of similar shape and size. 
  1. Choice of toppings: Croutons add texture and contrast to your soup. I always keep a small tub of regular or Greek yogurt. I whisk it with a little water to drizzle over soup instead of cream. Yogurt is inexpensive, has a longer shelf life, and doesn’t tamper with the taste. Herbs like chives, parsley, thyme, etc., look gorgeous over soups.
photo of Green Aspharagus Soup
Styling Green Aspharagus Soup

Note : Use a ladle to pour the soup into serving bowls. This will prevent spillage and you spend less time cleaning the edges.

I hope these tips will help in the coming days to style your soup the way you imagined.


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