The Journey from Fahmim Arif to Magicingredient

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“You can’t find passion, thinking about it in your head.”

Marie Forleo.
photo of fahmim arif

An idea, a thought, a dream that kept running through my head but never took shape. Perhaps, the idea would leave enough footprints for me to follow in the years to come. When I started as an amateur food stylist and content creator, the experience would provide me solace bereft of any purpose or clear direction. Four years later, what I started of boredom has now become a passion for a lifetime. The shift was not sudden, and it took me years to understand my strength and direct my focus into food styling. Of all the platforms, I must say Instagram did help me find my favorite food stylists, whose work I admire. There are quite a few who inspired me, and I started to carve my niche

2020 has helped me find the courage to take that leap of faith that I had visualized in my head.

Why FOOD styling?

In the beginning, the idea was to capture the food in the best way possible. However, just a good photo was not enough. I wanted it to tell a story and make it appealing to the viewer. For example, if the subject is fruit. A food photographer will try to capture all the details and the beauty of the subject. A food stylist, on the contrary, can help you tell a story. A few drops of water may depict the fruit is washed and ready to be eaten, or a few fresh leaves may show it’s been recently plucked from the orchard. This unique quality of food styling is what caught my fancy. I can tell you I am definitely in a happy place right now.

If styling my food was fun, styling for brands was a different ball game altogether. I had to come out of my comfort zone to experiment with light, techniques, equipment, and software.

The past years have been a great learning experience, and this year I look forward to furthering my professional approach towards food styling. I look forward to more exciting and fun projects as I gear up, creating not just still but motion content for brands. I wish to dedicate more time towards self-improvement and honing my craft.

Here’s calling out to food/Agro-based companies, appliances, ceramics/crockery, food & beverage companies, whether established or growing to get in touch. I see myself engaging with brands in building content, recipe development & marketing campaigns. The rules of engagement being:

  • Creating content for marketing campaigns
  • Add value to your product line-up through recipe development
  • Build an aesthetic food gallery through creative visual imagery (photography and styling)

You can get in touch with me on Instagram @magicingredient OR
follow my blog to find healthy recipes with unique and interesting ingredients.

I also share tips and tricks on food styling for my fellow content creators.

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