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Minimal food styling

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When you create magic with just a few components. I started putting thought to it when my husband pointed out my fear of negative spaces. I would crop the image or add a small bowl to fill things up. 

What defines minimal styling? Honestly, there is no clear-cut definition. 

It’s more of keeping the dish or the main element as the star, which commands all your attention. I am trying to experiment and change or evolve a little in my style. There is no wrong or right way of doing anything, and this is not a discussion of that.

It’s just about my struggles and a few tricks that I thought might be helpful.

  1. Backdrop: A textured background or a bright, busy backdrop can be used as an accessory itself. The textured backdrop creates the perfect mood with shadows. A bright one will help you gain instant attention to the subject/dish with the pop of color. 
  2. When your dish itself has textures, for example, a cake with a gorgeous frosting or an avorose (as in this case) takes your attention. Your eyes take note of the interplay of tones.
  3. Negative space : As mentioned earlier, I am yet to overcome the fear of negative spaces. As per the expert advice of my husband, use negative space as an accessory. For example, any food item (donut) or dish with a defined shape (circle or square) placed right in the center of the frame is excellent but try putting it off-center and using the space creatively. 
  4. Accessories/props: Minimize them. Try using just one fabric/paper, a wooden/stone slab, one piece of cutlery, and one garnish/topping. See the magic unfold. 

Share your inputs, thoughts, and ideas on how you try to keep it minimal. 


  1. Lovely post. I’m noticing lately I’m taking the shot too quick to get it up with the matching recipe. I’m getting quite frustrated with myself looking at negative space and not taking the time I did before to really look at the composition. Loving your articles as they are inspiring me to slow down and really look at the shot.


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