Styling raw ingredients

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Lately, I have felt I shoot more cooked food and fewer ingredients used in the dishes. It’s always the end product. However, slowly I am making a move.

It is interesting to see how an ingredient looks under the light. You may choose to tell a story or shoot it in all its glory.

There are two ways to shoot ingredients:

  1. Different ingredients together (might or might not belong to a recipe)
  2. One ingredient 

Here are a few tips to help you through

Minimum colors: I use a tone-on-tone approach or choose a backdrop that highlights the ingredient.

Photo of tone-on-tone with white mushrooms

Props: Props like an egg carton, steel sheet pans, wooden grocery boxes, butter knife, etc., that make sense with the ingredient. 

Phot of cherries being coated

A human element: Hold the ingredient or show it being used. For example: hold a bunch of herbs or carrots after being washed or lemons being squeezed, etc.

Show a simple process : Half popped peas, sliced/broken mushrooms, seasoning the vegetables, peeled apples, etc. make for beautiful images.

Photo of cherry tomatoes being seasoned

My tip is to choose an ingredient with textures and place it in such a way that you get a few shadows. In the end, I suggest you keep it simple and see the magic unfold.

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