Styling light and airy images

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Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started on shooting some light and airy images. 

Backdrops : Choose lighter backdrops like white, textured white, greys, and light browns. Light textured pink backdrops are also pretty popular.

Photo of salted caramel sauce

Props and accessories : These must be of a lighter shade with minimum or no pattern.

Photo of spiced carrot cake

Fabric : I use fabric to my advantage. Placing the napkins in soft ruffles adds to the textures on the image.

Photo of chocolate mousse

Color palette :  I try to keep the color palette to a minimum. I use food that has fewer colorful elements. This tip is something I tend to use, but you may choose to decide for yourself.

Photo of Mahalabia with figs

Flowers : yes they can help make the ambiance look fresh and light. I use flowers like Baby’s breath and plumeria flowers which are cheap and readily available.

I hope these tips help you style your images and make them look light and beautiful.


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