Tips for styling a sandwich

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Trust me when I say this, be it burger or sandwich, styling them can always be terrifying. Well, here are a few tips to help you get started. 

Tips for styling a sandwich
  1. Choice of bread: I prefer buying whole bread and slicing it to the desired thickness. Bread with a bit of texture or pattern looks good. However, for this particular picture, I was a little lucky.
  2. Layers: all the layers must be visible. The ingredients must be placed or layered in a way that they add to the height. Cucumbers, turnips, tomatoes, avocados, etc., can be sliced and placed with the ends overlapping.
  3. Spread/Sauce: It’s always better to add less than clean the extra. A thin layer but enough so that it’s visible. A small spoon, dropper, or squeezy bottle can be helpful. 
  4. Gaps and holes: Due to layering, chances are there might be some gaps and holes in your sandwich. I use sauce, leftover ingredients (cut to perfect fit), or sometimes tissues to cover them up.

Tips for styling a sandwich

I do hope these tips help you build a perfect sandwich. Just remember to remove the tissue bits and toothpicks (if used) before taking a bite.


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