Mango cheesecake trifle

The best thing about any trifle is that it can be customized to suit individual taste buds. Different elements come together to create this unique experience in your mouth. Always makes an impression on your guests with taste and appearance.

Orange Baklava cheesecake

My healthy yet delicious take on baklava cheesecake. Orange baklava cheesecake is a delight; every bite reminds you of spring. I used orange blossom honey and zest to make this mildly citrusy cheesecake. The filo sheets act like a vessel holding the cheesecake filling, adding to the texture. The beauty of filo pastry is its ability to add layers. When baked to perfection, they get a gorgeous color.

Lemon curd tarts

The sun is so bright early morning, and I am getting summer vibes already. Mayer lemons are the first thing that pops into my mind when I say summer. What better than a crumbly tart filled with golden lemon curd? Butter, sugar, and lemon combine to give you a rich yet light melt-in-mouth curd. We all loved it. 

Potato and leek soup

Easy to cook with ingredients from your regular kitchen pantry. Potato and leek soup is creamy, rich, and tastes sublime. Add herbs like thyme and parsley to bring out the best these veggies offer. A one-pot solution for those busy weekdays to avoid takeaways. 

Rice noodles in spicy peanut sauce and sesame-crusted tofu

A major hit in my family as they love to taste sweet, savory, and spicy in the same mouthful. I added crispy tofu with a dipping sauce for a little variety and crunch. The creamy peanut sauce is the star. Rice noodles in spicy peanut sauce have the perfect combination of sweetness, nuttiness, and a hint of tangy flavor that will keep you coming back for more.

Thyme roasted sweet potato and tomato soup

A rich, velvety soup loaded with flavors. I made this a couple of weeks ago for our guests, and they loved it. So I decided to shoot and also share the recipe. The beautiful soup makes it so easy to style Spices like cinnamon and cumin bring out the best in sweet potato. I also added fresh thyme and garlic while roasting. 

Beetroot recipes

I call it a magic ingredient as there are so many numerous possibilities with this humble vegetable. Beetroot is healthy and tastes so good, making it effortless to create something. It need not be cooked as a vegetable or eaten raw. Beetroot is high in antioxidants and helps improve your gut health, apart from numerous other health benefits.

Roasted butternutsquash with pearl couscous

A dish that tastes pure bliss and looks so good. The roasted butternut squash slices with lightly caramelized edges look beautiful and contrast with couscous. I love the texture of pearl couscous, but you can also use regular couscous. Butternut squash tastes amazing with middle eastern flavors and spices. Salty feta cheese and sweet squash together make you come back for more.