Beetroot recipes

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I call it a magic ingredient as there are so many numerous possibilities with this humble vegetable. Beetroot is healthy and tastes so good, making it effortless to create something. It need not be cooked as a vegetable or eaten raw. Beetroot is high in antioxidants and helps improve your gut health, apart from numerous other health benefits.
​​Over the past few years, I have experimented with this magical root vegetable and created a few easy recipes to help you find alternative ways to enjoy this superfood. You can eat it raw, roasted, fermented, grilled, and also have its juice. The choice is yours, as the results are consistently excellent.
Beetroot halwa is one of my favorites, and during winter, my family loves to indulge in a bowl of beetroot or carrot fudge. Keeping the tradition alive, I prepare beetroot halwa with loads of clarified butter and nuts. It is a winter warmer and a dessert with health benefits.
You can also check out the other recipes I created with beetroot as the star ingredient.

  1. Beetroot halwa/fudge
  2. Beetroot crepes
  3. Beetroot falafels
  4. Beetroot chutney
  5. Beetroot latte
  6. Pink or beetroot hummus
  7. Beetroot and carrot bars
  8. Beetroot chocolate brownie cake
  9. Beetroot waffles

I hope you do try these recipes and see beetroot in a completely new light.


  1. We are beetroot fans. I made a hot pink beetroot soup yesterday. I love all of your suggestions. I have never been quite so adventurous – normally we either make soup, curry or dips with beetroot, but you have some beautiful ideas there.


    1. Hot pink beetroot soup is amazing. Curries and dips with beetroot sounds delicious. I am glad you like my suggestions. these are trials over the past couple of years and I am sharing my favourites. Thank you so much


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