Pink Beetroot Latte

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With an agricultural background and an early life spent in a tea garden, I have lived a life amidst nature, an experience I can only wish for my little one. All locally and organically produced fruits, vegetables, and grains was the order of the day.

In the UAE, even though we are surrounded by a concrete jungle, there are some farms on the outskirts of the city. These farms source out their products in grocery stores, farmers’ markets and organic markets held regularly on weekends. We do enjoy doing grocery shopping for the week as a family. However, picking up fresh produce from open fields is a different kind of experience.

How often do you get to harvest your own produce and cook up a delicious meal?
When Emirates Bio Farm opened for visitors this season, we decided to take our little one on a bit of adventure. Winter is a perfect time for different outdoor activities and an extended weekend gives the ideal opportunity

The whole package included a tractor ride through the farm, the owners made it a memorable personal experience by involving the kids in fun games like finding the biggest broccoli head or the largest kale leaf. They were more than eager to give farming tips and clear doubts regarding growing organic crops. They have taken a lot of care to minimize any adverse effect on the environment. From using organic manures, crop mixing to physical barriers to reduce pests infestation, etc.

The small restaurant in the farm caters to your hunger pangs after all these activities. And I made a new discovery…….My son loves beetroot juice.

This farm had a tiny retail outlet, from where the visitors may buy fresh organic produce. They also have an option for home delivery. At AED 35 per person, I would say this is a beautiful experience for my family and me.

We bought peppers, kale, and beetroot. I used the juice of one beetroot to make some vegan pink latte, and it turned out delicious. Apart from the health benefits beetroot juice gives a gorgeous pink color to your latte. You could use any other nondairy milk for this latte and my second suggestion would be almond milk.

Beetroot Latte

Recipe for beetroot/pink vegan latte
Beetroot 1 (medium size)
Coconut milk 1 can
Sugar 2 tbsp
Dried rose petals and chopped pistachios 1 tbsp


  1. Boil the beetroot with skin on. Peel and chop into smaller bits before passing them into a blender in order to extract as much juice as possible.
  2. Warm the coconut milk with the sugar and mix well. Keep some aside for the white froth (optional).
  3. Add 2-3 teaspoons of the beetroot juice to the warm coconut milk and use a blender to make it homogeneous.
  4. Pour the latte into a glass and top it with the white froth.
  5. Top them with dried and crushed rose petals and pistachios.

P. S. Use a hand blender or frother to create the froth. And spoon it out on top of the drink


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