Food defines a locale

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Traveling opens up a whole new side of you. I have been lucky to have traveled within and outside my country. I love using public transport especially trains and enjoy all the simple, local food every stop had to offer.

Food gives you a better understanding of a place. It is best reflected in its indigenous dishes. On one such trip with my family to a new country (Austria), we decided to take a detour and visit the beautiful town of Grinzing, on the outskirts of the country. Grinzing, is the Viennese wine town with numerous traditional wine taverns. We opted for public transport which was cheap and convenient with a stroller and a hyperactive toddler. In a new country, it’s always tricky to figure out what to eat and what to feed a fussy toddler. Walking through the quiet and isolated alleys, we reached a restaurant which almost looked like someone’s home. Little K had just got up from a power nap, and I knew he was hungry. We did not panic and placed our order for creamy polenta cooked with local chanterelles and a herb sauce. We also ordered a glass each for fresh wine, which is also known as Huringer. To our surprise, kiddo wanted to taste our food.

The creamy polenta tasted delicious with the spicy mushrooms. It was a beautiful afternoon, and I distinctly remember the events of that day. A day in an unknown place with unknown people but we came home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. with that memory, I created this creamy cauliflower mash which is gluten-free and healthy

Creamy Cauliflower Mash with Garlic Chips

Recipe for creamy cauliflower mash with garlic chips

Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 20 minutes
Serves: 2
Cauliflower 1 (medium)
milk 1/2 cup
cheese 1 cube (15 gms)
olive oil 2 tbsp
garlic 2 cloves
salt and pepper


  • Heat water in the steamer and cook the cauliflower pieces
  • Blend the pieces with a little milk and make a fine puree
  • Heat a pan and add the puree along with the rest of the milk and cheese
  • Add salt and pepper as per taste
  • Heat the olive oil in a pan and add pieces of garlic (cut as chips), keep frying till they become crisp.
  • Serve the mash in a bowl with arugula leaves (optional) and pour a tbsp of the garlic oil along with a few chips. Serve warm!!

P.S: I used a cube of Indian processed cheese, feel free to use cheddar or parmesan

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