Grapefruit honey lemonade

ummertime calls for loads of refreshing glasses of lemonade. Especially during the summer vacation after a short trip to the pool, requests for lemonade are difficult to ignore. Grapefruit honey lemonade is one of my favorite ways of enjoying lemonade.

photo of Lebnah Green Humus Toast with microgreens

Microgreens: tips and tricks on how to grow and preserve

As a food stylist, I know how crucial it is to keep the garnish fresh and perfect. And when I say garnish, I mean the herbs, microgreens, fruits, flowers, etc. In the beginning, during a shoot, I would rush to my nearest grocery when the garnish would wilt. And wilted or discolored herbs do not make great pictures. 

Palak paneer or Cottage cheese in spinach gravy

Palak or spinach gravy with paneer is a popular Indian dish. It is vegetarian and loved by all in the subcontinent. There are numerous versions of this dish with cottage cheese, chicken, and even potatoes or chickpeas. However, growing up on the cottage cheese version, I am kind of partial to it.