Styling with eggs

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I love using eggs in my pictures. The bright pop of yellow/orange over white helps it stand out in a picture. Styling with Egg can be challenging but rewarding at the same time.

Whenever I felt something missing in a breakfast or brunch scene, I would add an egg and boom, there’s magic. In dishes, where you have lots of colorful ingredients (Mexican salad bowl, poke bowls, etc.,) adding an egg may still be a good idea. Oval or Circle are a great focal point and traditionally been used as a stopping point in Visual Design.

It’s not just cooking with them I also use them as a topping (as a sidekick I mean) or the hero in an image. Say, for example, on the toasts or savory waffles; an egg can serve as a topping whereas, in an egg curry or dishes like shakshouka, the eggs are the main ingredient.

But let’s focus on the egg as an ingredient for styling.

What are the different ways in which I include eggs in styling

  1. Boiled: I use boiled eggs over sandwiches, toasts, salads, chowmein, etc. The bright and sunny yolk grabs your attention. Certain Indian dishes like biryani with the sliced egg on the side looks good.
  2. Poached and fried eggs with a runny center is perfect for toasts and on breakfast/brunch plate. With a lot of elements that might not look so photogenic, an egg helps to draw attention. A drippy yolk is almost like a temptation too hard to resist. I love burgers or sandwiches with the yolk dripping along the sides. Breakfast pizzas look exceptional with a bright eggs in the centre.
  3. Raw: A bright egg cracked open over a heap of flour looks beautiful. 
  4. Others: Coloured eggs with cracked effect look beautiful. And not just chicken eggs, the tiny quail eggs look beautiful too.

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